About TeachersHQ

TeachersHQ is your one-stop source for teaching materials, daily lesson log (DLL) samples, detailed lesson plan (DLP) templates, learner’s material, teacher’s guide, instructional materials, teacher’s forms, teacher’s files, manuals, summative and periodical tests templates, curriculum guides, workbooks and many more.

This resource website was created out of the perceived need of providing a really free and straight to the point download access to the actual files.

So with that said, while using this website you will enjoy the bliss of:

  • safer web experience
  • hassle free downloads without looping through many redirects before getting to the actual download link
  • instant, direct download with NO waiting for an XXX amount of time
  • pop up free pages – NO annoying pop ups to clear here and there every now and then
  • preview the file before actually downloading it
  • more precious time saved from Googling and downloading your teaching materials