Extra Challenge

I never thought I would feel uncomfortable in my first week of pre –service teaching because I am confident that I am equipped and trained enough to teach.

I believed I can be a good teacher with my standards.


I am ready with my lesson and materials for teaching.

I set my criteria and expectations on what and how would my teaching and my students learning should be. 

I am so excited to implement my lesson to my class hoping I would teach them well and they’ll learn something from our lesson.

It tuned out that I am the one who’d learn a lesson from them.

Teaching students who are older or same as the teacher’s age become an extra challenge for me.

I feel uncomfortable for I expected to meet younger students than me.

I found their behaviors awkward for me .

It is  the reality that I have to face day by day.  It made me realized that it is true, age doesn’t define maturity.

To become a teacher one must be prepared and expect the unexpected in the classroom.

He should have self- control at all times.


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