Are You a Good teacher?

People define a ‘good teacher’ according to their own standards, it may realistic or idealistic.

Maybe to some idealistic, it is what they wanted it to be and to those realistic they may or have no personal encounter to teacher.

What makes a good teacher?

A good teacher must love teaching, have their own principles and walk their talk.

Teachers must love teaching.


Teachers must not just teach because it is their job but because it is their profession.

Embracing teaching as their profession means they understand how to be a teacher.

It is not just about the salaries, incentives or bonuses received from teaching but  is  more of the burning passion to teach, to mold, to feed hungry minds of their students.


Teachers must have their own principles.


Teaching with principles is teaching with dignity.

Teachers are expected to be a model to their students. Though teachers aren’t perfect, they commit mistakes.

But it is a must that teachers must watch and be careful and whatever they do especially in the presence of their students.

Teacher must walk their talk.


Part of being a teacher is to be an adviser, a counselor, a critic aside from talking inside of the classroom.

Most of their time is spent in talking and so teachers should be at times being mindful of what they say or tell.

They should show what they are talking through themselves as an example.

There are a lot of ideas or issues to discuss about what makes a good teacher.

It is because we have our own different thinking and knowledge about teachers.

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