Senior High School E-Class Program

Given the challenges and the finite number of teacher items that can be allocated for all Schools Division Offices (SDOs), teacher hiring for Senior High School (SHS) becomes a rather complex process.

To address this, the SHS Electronic Class Program Tool has been developed to aid School Heads according to the following general procedures:

  1. Review the current teaching loads of all JHS teachers. Determine who among the JHS teachers are underloaded and can still teach SHS subjects
  2. Plot the class program/schedule of classes for every incoming SHS section.
  3. Assign SHS subjects to underloaded JHS teachers.
  4. Review the SHS subjects that do not yet have assigned teachers. This will be the basis for determining the number and type (according to subject groups) of teachers to hire.

Note: For Stand-alone SHS, do numbers 2 and 4 only.

For more information, refer to DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2016.

SHS E-Class Program (8 Sections)Download
SHS E-Class Program (16 Sections)Download
SHS E-Class Program (24 Sections)Download
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