Short Stories for DepEd Teachers

ENGLISH Short Stories

A House for a MousePreviewDownload
A Lesson for John BenedictPreviewDownload
Androcles And The LionPreviewDownload
Bees Like FlowersPreviewDownload
Bugs by NumbersPreviewDownload
Come Back CatPreviewDownload
Emang The Enchanter and the Three BratsPreviewDownload
Fish is FishPreviewDownload
God and my PencilPreviewDownload
I Can ClimbPreviewDownload
Is There Anyone Like MePreviewDownload
Mrs. Penguin’s Perfect PalacePreviewDownload
Mushroom in the RainPreviewDownload
Smile PleasePreviewDownload
Ten Little BunniesPreviewDownload
The Green BirdPreviewDownload
The Grouchy LadybugPreviewDownload
The King of the Forest and His Three AdvisersPreviewDownload
The Tomatoes of PelesPreviewDownload
The Adventures of Supercow Volume 1PreviewDownload
The Best Thing EverPreviewDownload
Tower to the MoonPreviewDownload
Writing on WallsPreviewDownload

FILIPINO Short Stories

Ang Batang May Maraming BahayPreviewDownload
Ang Hardinerong TipaklongPreviewDownload
Ang Kwento ni Binibining RepolyoPreviewDownload
Ang Leon at ang DagaPreviewDownload
Ang Pambihirang SombreroPreviewDownload
Ang Pamilyang IsmidPreviewDownload
Ang Puting SapatosPreviewDownload
Ang Sikretong RekadoPreviewDownload
Arroz Caldo ni Lolo Waldo StoryPreviewDownload
Basura KidPreviewDownload
Handog kay IsabellaPreviewDownload
Hipon at BiyaPreviewDownload
Jack and the Beanstalk (TAGALOG)PreviewDownload
Laki sa HirapPreviewDownload
Lolit, Lamok ng DenguePreviewDownload
Magtanim Upang MabuhayPreviewDownload
Mariang SinukuanPreviewDownload
May Lakad Kami ni TatayPreviewDownload
Puno Para sa LahatPreviewDownload
Si Bing ang Munting ButandingPreviewDownload
Si Cain at si AbelPreviewDownload
Si Dindo Pundido StoryPreviewDownload
Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong HaraganPreviewDownload
Si Faisal at Si FaridaPreviewDownload
Si Gong GalunggongPreviewDownload
Si Jose, Ang Batang MagalangPreviewDownload
Si Nina at ang bayan ng DaldalinaPreviewDownload
Si Noah at ang Malaking BahaPreviewDownload
Si Pagong at si MatsingPreviewDownload
Si Sibol at si GunawPreviewDownload
Talagang Maipagmamalaki ang Bagong BayaniPreviewDownload

ILOCANO Short Stories

Bulan ti Mayo ManenPreviewDownload
Dagiti Ngipen ni PiningPreviewDownload
Dagiti Sagut ni SabrinaPreviewDownload
Daniw Ti Radio ni OriandoPreviewDownload
Diay TalonPreviewDownload
Ganuatti PamiliaPreviewDownload
Iti Umuna nga Aldaw a Panagiskuela ni DindinPreviewDownload
Nadumaduma nga Uni ti AglawlawPreviewDownload
Naragsak A PaskuaPreviewDownload
News StoryPreviewDownload
Paskua ManenPreviewDownload
Puppet ShowPreviewDownload
Ti Ina a Baket a BalasangPreviewDownload
Ti Nakaapal a Pamillia ni Tata YuloPreviewDownload
Ti Naparabur a WaigPreviewDownload
Ti Pannakapanagan ti Ili ti AlcalaPreviewDownload
Ti Tarakenko a ni TamiPreviewDownload
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