They get up early and don’t have time to drink coffee over the newspaper.

They come home late and are too tired to cook.

They work extra because they know there are students who need them.

They don’t get too excited over a minor crisis because they deal with issues all day. They have seen far worst cases.

They don’t want to talk when they come home for they have talked all day.
They don’t want to move when they come home for they have moved all day.

It may seem, that they have left all their caring, their heart, and love at work, then come home feeling empty.

They probably are empty but they don’t tell you that many times at work they are scared.
Scared they are missing something.Scared they will let their students down.

They have to deal with angry parents and all the while do their best to help them.
They don’t tell you how the trauma they see affects them, and how stressed they are for the pain their students are going through.

I am a teacher, and there are some days (a lot) when it’s the hardest work I have ever done.

I would like to thank those of you out there who love, support, encourage and let us do this work, this calling, this life: TEACHING.

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