What it takes to be a teacher?

I am a teacher.
And I, like many other teachers, am exhausted.

I, like many other teachers, am shocked at how the generation of today is so different from mine.
I, like many other teachers, am worried that I might not be able to handle this different kind of jungle.
I, like many other teachers, am disappointed and downhearted with the attitude of many students.

The way students give me a questioning look as they pass by me at the corridors.
Or the way they shove me aside.
The way they say that the activity or the topic is boring.
The way they forget what they’ve been told in a matter of seconds.
The way they sleep or slump then reason out that the school is their second home whenever reprimanded.
These, and many other things, do not make me happy.
Like it does not to many other teachers.

When I wake up, I think of these kids
and, like many other teachers, I think of their future.
I think of the days they have made me smile
or laugh
or amazed.

And still, like many other teachers,
I rise.

Then I, like many other teachers,
face these kids
and smile.

I fight the recurring temptations of quitting;
I dismiss any possibilities of me tainting the noblest profession;
I go beyond and look at my greater rewards;
I try to force myself to my limits.

And I do these,
and many more,
Like many other teachers.

And I know I probably stand a chance in other professions.
But I have a vision.
A passion.
And so I have answered the question.

Because I,
like many other courageous people in the world,
am a teacher.


Claude LC



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